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… to Weddings on the Mind. Wedding coaching and blog to help you have your most wonderful wedding whilst staying calm and focussing on your wellbeing and emotional fitness throughout the planning and the day itself.

We are here to support and inspire you with our professional knowledge and experience of both weddings and wellbeing and, through our hour-long coaching sessions we can keep you happy and relaxed so you can enjoy every moment and feel the stress and pressure float away.

“a simple conversation helped me feel at ease and like I was in control of my wedding plans.”

From helping to manage nerves and anxiety to getting clarity on budgets and inputting boundaries, Weddings on the Mind coaching keeps you feeling positive, happy and calm thanks to our combined approach of wedding expertise and positive psychology coaching techniques.

Take a look at our blog too for tips and hints around wellbeing and wedding planning.

We cannot wait to chat with you about what’s on your mind about your wedding and help you to gain some clarity and calm and most of all prioritise you and your wellbeing.

Much Love

Tabby & Keri

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About Us

Hi, we’re Tabby & Keri, your wedding coaches and guides at Weddings on the Mind. We are passionate about wellbeing and weddings… and anything that wags a tail!

Between us we have nearly 30 years experience of planning weddings in the UK and overseas and the main thing we know is that focussing on the wellbeing of our couples and keeping things calm, relaxed and stress free is the key to a wonderful wedding and the start of a happy marriage.

Weddings aren’t just about one day; they are about you being at your happiest and healthiest and most productive to enjoy your life together with your chosen one.

Let’s chat weddings on the mind