5 Tips for Having Your Wedding Your Way

  • Put your boundaries as a couple in place from the outset. What do you want? How do you want it?
  • Make it clear what you will and won’t compromise on.
  • Delegate tasks to certain people with clear instructions. This way there is less room for unhelpful suggestions and opinions!
  • Spend some time working with a wedding coach or wedding planner in order to build your confidence around your ideas and wishes.
  • If you have family or friends keen to be involved in your wedding plans, ask them for ideas and input around a specific area of the wedding so as to keep a control of their input. Can be anything from what the arrival drink is to the colour of napkins. This will make them feel like they have been involved and helpful and can be proud of their involvement, without it getting in the way of the bigger, more important decisions.

Working as wedding planners, something common that we see with couples is the stress they come under due to other people. Whether it’s a well meaning friend sharing their opinions or an overbearing parent who thinks they get to call the shots because they are paying the bill.

It’s very easy to try and please everyone, but when we do, we lose ourselves, lose our vision and fall under the spell of stress and pressure. But how do you balance keeping everyone happy whilst having your wedding, your way?

If you are currently planning your wedding, remember this… it’s your wedding… just let that sink in.

That’s right, no matter who is footing the bill, no matter who has planned a wedding before you, no matter who is a wedding professional, this is your wedding and you have every right to have the wedding that is right for you as a couple.

Now, we’re not saying you dismiss any support, ideas and information given to you by others because there’s merits in taking everything on board, considering it and then retaining what works and dispensing with what doesn’t. Likewise, utilise the valuable knowledge and experience of wedding professionals as they can be a great source of services and strategies.

However, when someone is telling you that you must have your wedding a certain way to suit them, but it’s not what you want as a couple, don’t be scared to politiely decline their input. Put your boundaries in place, make your wedding vision known and make sure, as a couple, you are clear on how you want your wedding day to look, feel and sound. Close your eyes, visualise it embracing every sense and make it real in your mind. Then have the confidence to have your wedding your way. Regardless of who thinks they know better or who may be paying the bill, this is your wedding, not theirs.

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