Small weddings – are they here to stay?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 really brought extreme sadness and worry to the world but as we (hopefully) are coming to the end, it is time to reflect and take any positives that we can.

One of which was reigniting the love for small, intimate weddings. Over the years, weddings have become big, flashy occasions, with masses of people and huge amounts of money thrown at them. But small weddings….well, they’re just lovely aren’t they?!

Now just to clarify what we mean by ‘small, intimate weddings’ – in our opinion this is anything from 2 to 30 guests. A small handful of your nearest and dearest, chosen specifically to celebrate with you on your wedding day. At stages, restrictions during the pandemic only permitted limited numbers to attend a wedding, which made couples think about who they really wanted to attend their special day. This reminded us just how beautiful small can be and as long as you’re having the day that you two want as a couple, your friends and family will understand. The purpose of a wedding day is to commit yourselves to each other and celebrate the love you have for each other – it’s not just a party with everyone you know.

Less people
Whether it’s less people you need to try and please during the planning process, or having just a few people getting ready with you on the wedding morning, having a small number of guests rather than lots of guests will provide you with less stress during your wedding planning & preparations. 

Quality time
There will be so much more time on your wedding day to spend with your loved ones and your new husband/wife. It’s guaranteed and well known that time on your wedding day will fly by, so you want to make sure you spend quality time with the people you love – including your new spouse! 

Save money
Smaller weddings can save you money if you want them to – fact! Many wedding suppliers have now adapted their business and offer smaller packages for these smaller weddings – get in touch with us if you’d like any recommendations for some fantastic suppliers. 

This is a great way to save some money, but still get their fantastic service and skills. And if you want to save even more, go for a midweek date!

But, small weddings can still bring the same amount of worry and stress as larger weddings do! If you would like some help narrowing down your guest list, advice on how to plan for a small wedding or would like help making sense of ideas and worries in your head, book a coaching session with us as we’re here to help!

Lots of love

Keri x

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