Pre-wedding nerves & worries…and an announcement!

Just remember, it’s completely normal to be nervous and worried ahead of your wedding day. It is a big life changing event and probably one of the most amazing but stressful things you can do in your lifetime. We want to limit that stress!

Whether you’re worried about being the centre of attention for the day, making a speech in front of people you know, whether everything is going to work out as planned or you’re just getting nervous about becoming a husband or wife! It’s completely normal and one thing to remember when you’re experiencing those emotions is that the physical feelings that it gives you are exactly the same as excitement. So maybe, deep down, you’re actually excited?

It may be that you’re not worried about your wedding day itself, your nerves could be more focussed around the planning ahead of the day. You could be nervous about creating your guest list or table plan, financial pressures or family dynamics. There is so much that can create stress or worries about, remember this is completely normal, but we don’t want this to escalate.

There are so many exercises and techniques you can use to keep your worries and nerves from escalating into panic and excess stress. If you have arrived at the panicked stages, these can be crucial to ground you and bring you back to a calm mindset to continue with your wedding planning in a healthy manner.

So….drumroll please!!! Here is our announcement…..our new book “Weddings on the Mind” will be released in January 2022!

We are so excited to be releasing this book and are putting our hearts and souls into it to support the wellbeing of wonderful couples as they plan their weddings. It’s going to be packed full of information, top tips and practical tips to keep you emotionally fit during your whole wedding experience from the very first day into your amazing happy marriage.

Sounding like something you need? Join us for some wedding coaching sessions to determine what is worrying you and how we can work together to overcome these. Email us at for your free discovery call.

Keep an eye out for the pre-order links of Weddings on the Mind Book coming soon!

Lots of love,

Keri x

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