I’ve just got engaged……where do I start?

Firsty, a huge congratulations to you both from all the Weddings on the Mind team – what an exciting time for you! We’re here to help keep it that way!

So, where to start? The big question has been asked, yes has been said and your life is about to change. Our first piece of advice is to just breathe….take a breath! We’re sure a lot has been happening since the engagement…celebrations, updating social media or letting all your friends and family know. You’ve probably not had a second to sit down and relax, so do that first! Get some bubbles out and just enjoy being an engaged couple!

Next, you need to decide what type of wedding you want TOGETHER! You are both involved in this wedding so you both have equal say in how you would like to say ‘I do’ and celebrate. Listen to each other non-judgmentally and make a list of all the things that are non-negotiables for you both, alongside a list of things you’d like if you are able/have the budget etc

Once you’ve taken some time to relax, enjoy and decide what type of wedding you would like, the fun of planning and creating your dream day begins! Ask anyone who has planned a wedding and they’ll tell you that wedding planning is exciting but stressful. We don’t want it to be this way! We want you to be calm, relaxed and fully enjoy your wedding planning experience all the way through!

We always advocate for hiring professionals when it comes to weddings. They’re the ones with the experience, knowledge & guidance. Make sure you do your research, don’t just go with the cheapest option and only hire suppliers who you resonate with and make you feel comfortable and happy.

This is where we come in! Both Tabby & Keri of Weddings on the Mind are professional wedding planners and wedding coaches so we can advise you on all the areas of your wedding you’ll need to plan. So our next step……insert shameless plug here…….. is to book some sessions with us! We’ll help to guide you through your wedding planning whilst keeping what you want at the forefront and making sure your wedding wellbeing is a top priority!

Email us at modeforenquiry@gmail.com for your free discovery call.

Lots of love,

Keri x

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