Yes or no to children at weddings?

Having children, or not having children attending a wedding is a topic which can provide lots of stress and worry for wedding couples, don’t worry you’re not alone! Let’s be completely honest here, weddings can be really boring for children so you have to plan things to keep them entertained. Whether that’s having them as part of your wedding party so they have little jobs to keep them entertained throughout the day or whether you put on some games, here’s a few ideas of things that can keep children entertained during a wedding while the adults can let their hair down without worry;

– Games: have a dedicated area for the children to go to play. Put lots of fun games and snacks here. Colouring books or goody bags at the tables also work a treat!

– Childcare: take all the stress & worry away and hire a childminder to watch & entertain the children

– Involve them: if they are old enough to understand and partake, give them little jobs to do throughout the day like handing out confetti or showing guests to their seats for the meal. It’s always cute & guests love it, it can be anything, even if small, just to keep them involved.

– Entertainment: a magician, face painter, clown….anything that can keep children entertained. Why not set up a film for them in a side room with plenty of snacks!

– Quiz: Set them a quiz which involves going round and asking guests questions. You could theme it around the wedding day or wedding couple. (just make sure you have a prize for them all!)

(with all of our suggestions please make sure the children are safe at all times)

Or the controversial option is not to invite them! This is actually more common than you would think and you shouldn’t feel bad if you decide you don’t want to have children at your wedding. Parents will probably thank you for the time off being mum/dad – they can relax and enjoy the wedding knowing that they don’t need to be on the lookout of what the little ones are up to.

We don’t want any children at our wedding but we’re worried about upsetting people – what do we do?”
We hear this SO often! We want you to remember that it is your wedding and you should only have the people there that YOU want – no one should force or bully their way into having others there who you might not want or be able to afford. Be clear from the start in what you want, if you know you don’t want children or certain children to attend, make this clear on the save the dates & invitations, leaving no room for people to misinterpret. It will also give parents plenty of time to find alternative childcare for the children whilst they attend the wedding. You may want to invite a few children, maybe your own but no one elses or only children in the immediate family, whatever you decide, make it clear from the first contact.

This can be done in a nice way, you don’t just have to write ‘children not welcome’ on your invitations. Why not try putting one of the below statements on your invites to create that boundary but in a gentle way;

– ’Sadly, we are only able to accommodate the children of the wedding party.’
– ‘We would like our special day to be an adult-only occasion.’
– ‘We are sorry that we are unable to accommodate children at our wedding.’
– ‘We are very sorry, but due to restrictions at our chosen venue, we cannot accommodate children at our wedding.’
– ‘We hope this gives you enough notice to arrange childcare and you’ll be able to join us on our special day.’

Or maybe you’d only like them to come to certain parts of your wedding day:

‘We would like our daytime celebrations to be an adult-only occasion, however we would like to open the invite up to your children for the evening reception from 7pm.’
– ‘Following our ceremony and drinks reception, please join us for an adults-only reception at 4pm.’

Whatever you decide to do needs to be right for YOU! If you’re not sure how to approach this with your guests or would like some guidance, get in touch at for our free discovery call to see how we can help.

Lots of love,

Keri x

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