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As of today, you can now pre-order our new book ‘Weddings on the Mind’ on Amazon! The book is being released on Friday 28th January 2022 so pop a pre-order in today and it’ll be there waiting for you in a couple of months (then you can thank past you!)

To pre-order ‘Weddings on the Mind’ book click here

Want to see if it’s for you? Here’s an exclusive snippet from the book;

The point of Weddings on the Mind is, regardless of whether you actually experience anxiety, nerves or stress, planning a wedding is one of THE most stressful things you will ever do and being prepared for the wave of emotions and knowing how to deal with them whilst trying to juggle your day job, family, social life and plan one of the most important days of your life is vital. 

The number of hours that goes into planning a wedding is intense. According to a recent survey of 2000 Americans the average modern wedding now takes around 528 hours to plan from engagement to wedding day – that’s the equivalent of 22 full days or 66 working hour days.

That’s a lot right? If you’re planning yourself that’s all on top of your day job, family and social commitments and spending time with your partner. You’ll need to be prepared for a lot of time, effort and investment and that means getting emotionally fit, getting organised and productive and most of all, staying calm and prioritising your wellbeing to support your mental health.

To pre-order our Weddings on the Mind book click here

Much love,
Tabby & Keri x

Please note, this is a excerpt from the proof copy of the book and may differ in the final version

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