Regretting your choices?

Recently, we’ve been hearing of so many situations where people have chosen something for their wedding and are now regretting their choice…

Now, we’re not suggesting you’re regretting your choice of partner, or even the fact you’re getting married (although if you are….you might need to re-evaluate!). We’re talking about regretting choices made for your wedding during your planning process – this could be anything from who you’ve invited, your style or colour scheme, your chosen ones for the wedding party or you’re even starting to question your own outfit. 

This is completely normal! You’re making big decisions, sometimes over a long period of time, so your likes and dislikes are bound to change in-line with external influences and your changing self. We’re all only human and we’re allowed to change our minds… sometimes multiple times!

What is important is how we deal with these changes as this can affect how we feel about our choices. Some changes may be easier to resolve than others, such as a new outfit, change of colour scheme or a rejig of the table plan.

But there may also be changes you wish to make which could be harder to resolve or approach. Perhaps you’re regretting asking someone to be a bridesmaid or you’ve had second thoughts on your venue choice? At the end of the day, you need to do what is right for you! Be sure this is the change you want to make,  take everything into consideration from the physical, emotional and financial implications of change and don’t make any hasty decisions – remember to put your happiness first – it’s your wedding! 

Just because you’ve asked someone to be part of it, doesn’t mean you can’t retract the invitation if you want to. We’re not going to lie or sugar coat it, it will likely be a hard thing to do, but think ahead to your wedding day and how you will feel if you don’t make the change you’re wanting to and then think about how you will feel if the change has been made and the issue is resolved.

Our mantra to remember is ….no regrets!

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Lots of love
Keri x

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