How to choose your ceremony music?

Creating your ‘wedding playlist’ can be so overwhelming! Especially picking your ceremony songs! The most important part of the day and one of the only times your guests will listen and take in the sounds around them whilst you’re making your entrance and becoming newlyweds.

So you want to get it perfect right?

Here’s some tips to help you in choosing the right ceremony songs for you;

• Decide whether you want to enjoy recorded music or hire a live musician. Going for live music might limit your song choices, maybe making the decision easier for you but meaning they also might not be able to play that song you desperately want to walk down the aisle to. But there really is nothing like live music! You decide what is important to you and fits in your budget.

• Think of songs that mean something to you either personally, as a couple or as a family. Everyone loves sentiment and if listening to the song in the future can bring back those happy memories of your wedding day, that’s an amazing experience to have.

• Choose something with a comfortable steady beat at walking pace! You don’t want to choose an upbeat song for your entrance meaning you’ll be likely to run down the aisle. Choose a song, especially for this part, that will give you a comfortable and steady walk to take everything in.

• Listen to the song….the whole way through before you choose it! Maybe even look up the lyrics online. You don’t want to be offending Granny on the day as there’s a naughty word in it you missed!

• Why not go traditional? Here are some ideals for popular & traditional wedding songs:

“Bridal Chorus” by Richard Wagner
“Canon In D” by Pachelbel
“Trumpet Voluntary” by Clarke
“Air on the G String” by Johann Sebastian Bach
“Jesu, Joy of man’s desiring” by Johann Sebastian Bach

The elderly guests in your party with love these!

• It can be so hard to think of that perfect song, so take a look at some Spotify or YouTube playlists for ceremony music. Someone has put that together based on popular & meaningful songs so use it and see what you find

Whichever songs you choose, make sure you’re happy & comfortable with the choice – it’s your day!

And don’t stress, they’ll come to you! You might hear them when you’re least expecting it so don’t put pressure on yourself! Just remember to jot them down before you forget them!

Lots of love,
Keri x

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