The wait…

Ring is on the finger
The date is chosen
The venue is booked
Your suppliers are confirmed
Now what…..
…….the wait!!

On average, couples book their wedding 12-18 months in advance. Now we’re not saying this is the same for all couples, or the ‘right thing to do’. Some couples may wish to get married sooner and some may wish to wait longer – whatever you decide if right for you! We find there’s usually a little wait for the wedding day to allow for saving, choosing the right seaon or it could even be because of the venues availability.

The excitement of the engagement and booking your wedding soon turns into anticipation for the day and the willingness for it to be here soon! So what can you do to help ‘the wait’ feel not so long…here’s just a few of our ideas;

– Countdown to the wedding. Imagine an chocolate advent calender, they always make December go super fast and before you know it, all the chocolate is eaten and it’s the 25th!
[side note, ermm….since when did advent calenders stop on Christmas Eve?! – we are not ok with this!]
The days will fly by if you’re counting down and this also keeps you on track knowing how long you have left to arrange things.

– More on the above point…have things arranged. Whether it’s a hen do, stag do, dress shopping, venue visits, hair trials, date nights…have things for the wedding in your diary staggered over the time. It’ll give you little bits and bobs to look forward to, keep the planning momentum rather than feeling the wedding is so far away and doing nothing until the last minute.

– Keep visiting your venue. Not only to make sure you still love it a year later, but to keep the excitement of the day flowing and help you to visualise what your wedding day is going to be like. Notice the changes in the gardens or flowers, see what improvements they might have made to the venue.

– Book in some coaching sessions. We’ll help keep you excited and on the right track!

What have you found helped you with the wait for you day? Let us know over on @weddingsonthemind

Love Keri x

Image by Brendan Knight Photography

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