How to have a travel themed wedding…

Guest blog by Laura Stroud – @storiesfromabackpack

The first day I met my husband we talked about travel. I saw a couple of travel pictures on his wall in our university halls and it started our very first conversation. I can safely say, my life hasn’t been the same since.

Travel brings people together, it binds stories and time and place and allows us to share dreams and experiences with each other. We knew travel would play a huge part in our wedding, as it plays such a huge part in our lives. Here’s how we included travel in our wedding:

– Our Seating Plan – We have made friends all over the world from our travels so it seemed fitting that our seating plan was a map. I loved that people travelled to be a part of our special day and the map symbolised all our adventures. We also used old vintage postcards from charity shops to mount the guest names on. It was a subtle touch, but sometimes, they make all the difference.

– Photos – We filled our wedding with so many photos, this felt really natural for us. We turned pictures into Polaroid style shots and made sure we had one of every guest. We also made sure, we included lots of our travel photos, we wanted to show people a little bit of ‘our story’.

– Display board – We got engaged abroad and wanted to show some of our engagement story. We made a small display with a few props to share with our guests, including a map, postcards and more pictures.

– Place settings – I had piles and piles of old vintage maps from charity shops, and my mum and I turned these into cutlery sleeves and place settings. We even tried to match up a few of maps with were people were from, it was great fun.

– Speeches – In every speech someone talked about our travels, it wasn’t planned but it showed the people we love really did know us and know how much travel has defined us and our relationship.

There are so many great ways you could include travel too:

• Naming your tables after places you’ve been together.

• A creative travel guest book – who said you have to have a standard guest book, what about a guest globe? Or guests signing a map of your home town?

• Turn your wedding invite into a plane ticket or design it in a passport style?

• Or you could also go crazy and get married abroad! How exciting would that be?

Laura xxx

We love a travel themed wedding here at Mode For… and would enjoy nothing more than helping you come up with ideas. Did you know we even plan and coordinate overseas weddings! How have you used to included travel in your wedding? Do you have any different or new ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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