What do they mean?

There are many words in the ‘wedding world’ that you might not know the meaning of, especially if you’re planning a wedding for the first time. Let’s explain a few here:

Wedding breakfast: The word ‘breakfast’ can sometimes confuse people with this one. Just think of it as your wedding ‘meal’, whether that is enjoyed at lunchtime, afternoon or evening. It is traditionally called the ‘wedding breakfast’ as it is the first meal you’re enjoying as a married couple.

Master of ceremonies: A master of ceremonies acts as the announcer of the day. Sometimes you may have a toastmaster doing this for you, or you may ask your wedding planner/coordinator to do this or you may wish to nominate a guest. It is the person who makes the announcements to get guests to head to the right place at the right time.

Canapés: Canapés are bite size pieces of food enjoyed during the drinks reception (more on that later). As wedding ceremonies often take place around lunchtime, the canapés tend to put guests on a little until the food is served a little later

Drinks Reception: Your drinks reception is served after the wedding ceremony, usually whilst pictures are taking place. This is also when you canapés are served.

Wedding coordinator: You may decide to hire a wedding coordinator, or your venue may provide you one as part of your booking. They are there to make sure everything runs smoothly and to time – they’re an invaluable part of every wedding. It means you don’t have to worry about what is happening when or where you need to be. You can fully relax and enjoy the day knowing everything is taken care of.

Off the peg: When related to dresses and suits, off-the-peg means you can take it away on the day! This is great for if your wedding is within a year or so, or you have a smaller attire budget than purchasing brand new and made to order.

Receiving line: Many couples don’t manage to speak to all their guests throughout the day, so may wish to hold a receiving line. This usually happens on the entrance to your wedding breakfast, where the couple (plus their parents/families) get to welcome everyone personally into dinner by standing at the front of the line and welcoming guests as they enter the meal. 

Are there any other terms you’ve heard that you’d like to know the meaning of? DM us them at @weddingsonthemind

Lots of love
Keri x

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