Can your dog be part of your wedding?

I heard on the radio yesterday that the newest craze for weddings is having your pets there.
Here’s me thinking…errrm that’s been around for years!! Nothing new there!

But it got me thinking, as a dog lover, I can’t imagine my dogs NOT being part of my wedding. So much so, when looking for a venue we only looked at dog friendly options as this was a non-negotiable for us.

Now, we all know we’re big dog lovers here at Mode for…, so the question is ‘can your dogs really be involved in your wedding?’

The answer is a big fat YES!

You know we’re an advocate for hiring professionals, so how about considering hiring dog care for your wedding? We honestly can’t recommend Bow Wow Vow enough!

Having a specific person to look after your dog at your wedding means you can fully enjoy your day without the worry of where you dog is, or who is looking after them or if they’re ready for a rest etc…. the list goes on!

There are so many things that a pet plus one can help with:

– transporting your dog to / from the venue/home/kennels
– getting them dressed into their finery
– dog walks / toilet breaks whenever needed
– play time whenever they want it – they always have toys to hand!
– giving your dog time out to relax and unwind – weddings can be super stressful for dogs!
– they will also supply endless cuddles!
– always on hand with treats behind the photographer to grab those important shots
– making sure dinner time isn’t missed
– allowing easy minglying with guests if you want this
– always being kept an eye on so they never wander off and eat the cake! (yes, we have seen this happen!)

Get in touch with Bow Wow Vow today and see if they’re available for your date! You honestly won’t regret having your loved one looked after by them (and it’s a lot less stressful than if a guest does it!)

And if you’re super lucky and getting married in Yorkshire, you might even get me as your pet plus one!

Lots of love
Keri x

Photo is of Keri & Dexter at his wedding in 2022 – Imogen Eve Photography

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