Boundaries are, in fact, one of the most important things we can implement right now…

Boundaries… they may not seem like an important thing but boundaries are, in fact, one of the most important things we can implement to protect our mental health and drive forwards with possibility, productivity and optimum performance.

Without boundaries we become a slave to our business, our clients and our own minds and this slavery has a negative impact on our wellbeing and mental health.

Wedding Coach & Business Owner, Tabby Kerwin, takes a look at how we can implement boundaries for the benefit of our health and wellbeing.

“The events of 2020 affected us all and wedding suppliers are still coming out of the other side of it. Our beloved wedding industry was hit hard! Many suppliers experienced a downturn of work and faced an unknown future, but what has to always be our priority is looking after our own health and wellbeing!

The reality is that once we got the all clear to work again freely, many suppliers were tempted to take on all the work in order to make up for lost time and finances during 2020, But is this the best thing to do for your own health, wellbeing and happiness?

The answer is No.

All this will succeed in is a lack of productivity and burn out. What you need to prepare yourself and learn to do is use that two letter word we often find so hard to say. “No”

That’s right; saying “No” and not taking all the work is really powerful and could be one of the main strategies to support your health and wellbeing in the future. Setting boundaries in place will allow you to not just earn money, but be totally satisfied with the work you do.

Now, let’s be honest a moment… this is going to be tough, financially and emotionally, as the loss of work has seen a huge economic loss in the industry, but the one hopeful thing we held onto during that crazy time is that there will always be love and people will still want to get married and have a magical day. Our industry will always be needed, and where there’s a need, there’s a market and that means there is ideal work with ideal clients for you, and they’re the ones you need to focus on.

There is hope and with boundaries and a plan of action, that hope becomes your reality.

Identify your ideal client, know your value and put your boundaries in place so you are prioritising your health and wellbeing. I promise you that future you will thank you!”

Want to chat about how you can implement boundaries and develop yourself and your business right now? Email Tabby at

Here are our Top Tips for Implementing Boundaries:

  • Add office hours to your email signature. People will respect when you say you’re available.
  • Identify your ideal client and only pursue and work with them.
  • Have a working routine.
  • Take regular breaks during the working day and at least one day off per week.
  • Block out time in your calendar for holidays.
  • Say “No” – be honest with yourself about your limitations and what you do and don’t enjoy.
  • Time block your work so you can work free of notifications and interruptions.
  • Say “Yes” to the things that energise and develop you and that are important to you.

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