Wedding Wellbeing

What is it and why is it important? Let’s start with the ‘what is it?’ Wellbeing, sometimes referred to as wellness, is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Our level of wellbeing dictates how emotionally fit we are and when we engage in ways to prioritise our wellbeing the results act as protective measures for our mental health.

Wedding coach Tabby Kerwin takes a look at the importance of wellbeing in the wedding industry for the benefit of those getting married and wedding professionals.

Getting married and working in the wedding industry are both emotionally stressful, leading to a high rate of anxiety, overwhelm and depression. To say it’s an industry that focusses on love and happiness, it can be really tough both planning a wedding and running a business supporting couples through their wedding journey.

The simple measure of prioritising our wellbeing can change this stressful landscape though and by developing a toolkit of wellbeing exercises we have a handy tool at our fingertips whenever we need it.

Mindfulness activities such as grounding, meditation and breathing exercises should be part of our wellbeing toolkit as they address overwhelm and anxiety and small lifestyle changes to engage in nutritious food, movement and activity and times of silence and space can be proactive measures to take to bring a sense of calm to our lives.

Sadly, it’s often the case that we only engage in these activities after we’ve become aware that our stress levels are through the roof, or illness is upon us, which is why we need to reframe wellbeing as the toolkit of preventative measures, meaning we actively engage in daily moments of wellbeing to increase our emotional fitness as a protective measure for our mental health. After all, when we feel physically unfit we go to the gym, or for a walk or run, however, we rarely go to an emotional gym – but we should…every day.

But why should we be mindful of wedding wellbeing in particular?

Quite simply, because it is often overlooked, due to the nature of the fact that weddings are deemed to be happy and full of love. Because working in the wedding industry is working in a happy industry so we get swept up in all the happiness and love and we forget to add balance and blend to our lives and before we know it there are countless late nights and days without considering our wellbeing regime (if we even had one) because we are so focussed on creating that perfect day, be that for our own wedding or for our clients. But perfection does not exist.

Wellbeing needs to be our priority; that of ourselves, our clients and our suppliers. As couples and professionals we need to support and focus on wellbeing as a priority, understanding we all have boundaries and lives, families and work aside from this one wedding. If we create a mutual understanding, awareness and respect for wellbeing in the wedding industry, we will help and support each other better, meaning we can all feel the love and happiness, without the stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Have you considered hiring a Wedding Coach?

What’s that? I hear you say? Well, it is a thing and it’s becoming increasingly popular with wedding couples and professionals.

Whilst weddings are one of the most exciting events in someone’s life, they also bring a lot of stress. This stress, if not managed can lead to a negative impact on our mental health.

A Wedding Coach is a little different to a wedding planner. We will always advocate for you using the services of professionals when possible as they are amazing and can really relieve your wedding planning workload, but sometimes the budget doesn’t stretch that far or we want to be 100% in control of what we’re doing – though we still could do with a little support.

A Wedding Coach will be that person for you. There to listen, support and guide, non-judgementally and help you create your most magical wedding whilst focussing on your wellbeing and mental health.

Likewise for wedding professionals, the wedding industry is extremely volatile and pressurised and we need to focus on our wellbeing and emotional fitness, so a few hours with a Wedding Coach could really help you gain clarity and prioritse yourself to lead to more productivity.

A Wedding Coach will help you move from that place of stress and anxiety to one of calm and control.

Tabby is a Wedding Coach and moved her focus from planning to coaching so she could prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of couples and colleagues during the wedding planning journey. She utilises her experience as a positive psychologist and performance coach as well as her skills as a certified mental health and suicide prevention trainer. Her Weddings on the Mind coaching service is designed for couples and wedding industry professionals and just a couple of hours of coaching can help someone gain real calm and clarity. Coaching services start from £69 per session.

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