Secondhand September! How can you use pre-loved for your wedding?

We’re now in a world where we love giving things a new lease of life and we’re now keen more than ever to use second hand, and rightly so!

When you think of a wedding, you might imagine everything all brand spanking new, all sparkly and fresh…..…which comes with an accompanying price tag! But it doesn’t have to be this way, you can get so many amazing second hand items for weddings now from second hand wedding dresses and reusable flowers, right through to re-using candles and cake stands.

So, what are the benefits? Well, the obvious one is less wastage! Millions of couples get married every year, each having their own special day with their own desired items. Imagine how much waste that would be if everything was brand new and just thrown away after use!? It doesn’t even bear thinking about!

Here are some of our ideas of where you can find amazing bargains and second hand wedding items (sometimes even for free!)

Selling sites
There are so many sites selling second hand wedding items, Facebook, eBay, Gumtree…take a look – there’s probably items for sale really nearby to you meaning you can save even more by collecting rather than posting.

Recycle my wedding –
Recycle My Wedding is your one-stop shop for a more sustainable wedding. From dresses and accessories to decor and more, there is something for everyone on Recycle My Wedding.

Borrow from friends & family
Everyone’s houses are full of things now a days! So why not borrow from family and friends, or reuse items from friends weddings that you’ve been to. Like in the picture, an ornament stand and old wine bottles created a brilliant and unique table plan.

You might find some items that might not be perfect, or might not be exactly as you want them for your special day, so give upcycling a go! And turn something once loved into something with a new love!

Hire instead of buy
Chat with wedding suppliers, many will offer hire options of decor items, suits, faux flowers…so much! So have a chat with them and see what they’re able to offer you – this option saves you having to find a home for it after the wedding too!  You might even be able to borrow or hire from your wedding venue!

Whatever you do decide to buy for your wedding, why not find a home for it after your wedding? It frees up space in your home, provides others with the use of the items, keeps the recycling journey going and can even provide you with some extra post-wedding pennies! So donate or sell on your wedding items that you don’t need.

We’d love to hear what second hand items you used for your wedding – let us know on Instagram @weddingsonthemind

Lots of love,
Keri x

Please be careful when purchasing & selling online 

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