Tabby, the Nun and an Experience Never to be Forgotten…

I love an experience that creates a story.

Eight years ago on 1st February my friend shared this magazine article with me on Facebook about a nun in a convent in Italy who made and tailored wedding dresses for ladies, originally who couldn’t afford a dress and then to a wider audience as her skills became known worldwide.

So, I decided to do some research, both for the story and as Simon and I had recently got engaged.

The convent was just 1 1/2 hours from our Italian home so I found contact details for the convent and endeavoured to start communications with Sister Maria Laura, in a mixture of dodgy Italian and a little Latin thrown in!

I was fascinated with her story and her skill and our communications led to me visiting her just three months later. I was quite shocked and humbled as she only allows one visit per month due to her dressmaking and convent duties.

She is an incredible lady. She had asked for no information from me previously other than my name, phone number and measurements and whilst initially, it seemed very surreal stood in a convent with a Nun wearing nothing but underwear and high heels (😬) within 5 minutes, this incredible lady, after just a few questions of what style I liked, produced what was, to me, the perfect dress to marry Simon in, and all she asked for in return was a donation to the convent.

Simon had been all set for a day of reading in a cafe with a cuppa thinking this would be a long day of dress hunting….he couldn’t believe I was all done in literally 15 minutes.

But it will be a 15 minute meeting I will never forget, proving that if you take a risk, communicate with people and go after an experience and making a story for your life and memories, you can actually gain some of the memories you hold most precious.

The fact that Shelley had the care and thought to send me the article in the first place I am so grateful for as neither of us have been in each other’s lives since about 1991! 

Communication is key to our lives and that’s where social media is brilliant for connecting people and for sharing and with a little confidence and communicating with others, you can experience so much of our world you might not usually experience.

That magazine article became much more than just an article, and now that dress is more than just a dress. 

Take a chance, communicate with people and make experiences for yourself because you never know those memories will become the most precious thing you have.  

Much love

Tabby x

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