Worry & Panic

Like nerves and anxiety, feeling worried and panicking are perfectly normal responses when we feel under stress and pressure. 

Whilst you are likely to feel an element of worry around some areas of your wedding, whether that’s budget, the guest list or overbearing relatives, we really want to build your resilience and build your healthy coping strategies so you can manage the worry gremlins when they come along. 

We certainly don’t want to get into the territory of panic, and definitely not panic attacks as these are severe reactions to stress and what we term a crisis situation for anxiety. It’s important that we get those coping strategies in place and get you emotionally fitter so we stay on top of this situation.

So what do we need to do? Well, now we know what stress and pressure actually are and understand that worry, panic and anxiety are all normal responses when we feel under threat (and let’s be clear, the brain, whilst very clever, is a little dumb sometimes and can’t differentiate between levels of threat so it can perceive a threat of death as equivalent to a wedding guest not returning an RSVP) we need to put in place all the emotional fitness strategies that will help us manage our stress.

In order to do this there are a few elements we need to identify; how much stress we have a tolerance for, what our stressors are, how we respond to stress and what our coping strategies are. When we identify all of these areas we can better manage stress – stress being one of the greatest triggers for mental health issues.

At Weddings on the Mind HQ we work with you and use our trusty stress bucket exercise to help you identify all the details to make life more manageable, but there are some other quick stress busters you can utilise.

Contact us to book a coaching session and read more in our book, Weddings on the Mind

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