Themed Weddings – They don’t have to be Star Wars or Disney!

When you think about a themed wedding you could be forgiven for cringing at the idea of bride adorned in white with Princess Leia styled hair and ushers holding lightsabres, or maybe Disney princess named tables with beauty and the beast bell jar and rose centre pieces. However, you often forget the more elegant aspect of a themed wedding. 

As a wedding planner and stylist, I would recommend every wedding had a theme. That’s not to say I want you all getting in touch and asking how to re-create the latest celebrity wedding, or how to juxtapose an English country garden wedding with a Mardi Gras themed evening celebration, but if you have a theme then you have a starting point. Think of it less as a theme, and more as a stylistic choice if that helps. Identify a theme as a foundation for your style choices to be made upon, and continue to build from there. 

A couple I worked with – Hannah and Dave – who married at The Arches, understood this planning tool and had a perfectly subtle yet classically Scandinavian theme flowing throughout their wedding. 

Joe Stenson Photography

Using clean creams and natural greens Hannah and Dave brought a sprinkling of woodland sparkle to their wedding. They adorned their tables with pinecones and foliage, gifted their guests with seeds to grow their own memento of the day, and decked the beautiful pillars down the centre of the room with garlands of draping ivy. 

With a Scandi theme in mind, we designed a beautiful hanging display as the focal point of the aisle, which was brought to life by the warm glow of candlelight from below. To line the aisle we placed lanterns, flowers heads and eucalyptus at the end of every other row, and Hannah provided thick eucalyptus to decorate the registry table. 

Hannah and Dave were very hands on when it came to the styling of their day and creating the décor. The majority of the decorations were handmade (or hand carved), but made with such skill and professionalism that you would never have guessed it! This talented couple had a handle on everything, from a home brewed beer as a wedding favour, to a rustic yet scandi styled photo booth area created by hanging a flower and fairly light crowned photo frame in front of a wall where gracefully hung cream lace from a rustic branch. Even the table plan was Scandi inspired! Every aspect was thoroughly thought through and to the couples credit looked fantastic! 

You see, themed weddings aren’t what they may seem on the surface. Yes of course it may sometime be something weird and wonderful, however on other occasions they will be elegant and simplistic, not to mention always centred around what the couples loves. Most weddings are themed weddings, and all that means is that the stylistic choice is clear. It means that all elements of the décor, styling and orchestration of the day work together in harmony with each other. 

Much love,
Tabby xx

Joe Stenson Photography

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