Wedding Coaching

What is Wedding Coaching?

Regardless of if you are planning your own wedding or have an army of suppliers, sometimes along the process of planning a wedding you can become overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, nerves or just feel a little lost and swept up in all the doing… and you forget to prioritise yourself.

Wedding Coaching is for everyone; from the most organised to the most overwhelmed, because it is your support and inspiration to prioritise yourself, during what is one of life’s most stressful chapters and we help you focus and maintain your wellbeing, giving you the tools to be emotionally healthy and fit not just during your wedding planning, but for life, be that personal or professional, in general.

Wedding coaching from ‘Weddings on the Mind’ puts your focus back on to you. Our one-hour sessions, held online or by phone, will help bring you clarity around your planning, give you inspiration for ideas or boundaries for budgets and we’ll help you build a wellbeing toolkit which you will have on hand to help yourself.

You’ll learn to step back and enjoy every moment whilst creating your best self, your memorable wedding day, your strongest relationship and your happiest marriage.

Wedding coaching is as much about prevention as fixing. We can help you put your wellbeing toolkit to good use as a preventative measure for emotional, and physical, fatigue which will boost your wellbeing in all parts of your life and our years of professional wedding expertise give you the insider tips on how to have your most memorable day, working to your budget with the people you want around you.

A one-hour session is £69, though we recommend a booking of three sessions at a subsidised rate of £175 to gain the maximum from our services and then we will always be on hand to support you further, through your wedding and future life.

Weddings on the Mind coaching is your private inspiration and support to keep you calm, happy and stress free.

Email us to arrange a 15-minute discovery call.

Much Love

Tabby & Keri xx

The Wedding Coaches

“By developing my wellbeing toolkit I have been able to manage my anxiety and be really productive with my wedding planning, setting our boundaries and budgets as a couple.”

Wedding Client