Budgets & Finance 

Ugh! Here’s a topic that makes many of us shudder… discussing all things financial! Unfortunately though, it’s a topic you need to discuss with one another right at the start of your wedding planning adventure – the reason being it will make sure you’re both on the same page about your plans and goals and will give you an idea of how much your special day might cost. 

So where do you start?

Firstly, list your priorities – what’s important to you as individuals and as a couple? Is it that you’re real foodies and the meal is the centre-piece of your day or maybe having live musicians is your must have, if so, prioritise these things. 

Maybe neither of you actually like cake so you can save several hundred pounds right there – there really is no need to have a huge and expensive cake just because Grandma likes a little piece of fruit cake after her meal – you could just buy her a small one portion sized cake just for her as a special treat and show you personally thought of her. 

Quite simply, ditch the Pinterest and magazine ideas of weddings that don’t work for you and don’t be spending your valuable pennies on things that have no meaning or joy for you just because that article you read online said that this year’s must have wedding accessory is a pair of ring-bearing alpacas! (though yes, they are super cute and we’re all in for pets at weddings!).

Do your research into how much things might cost you as they may be more than you expect and prices do fluctuate depending on seasons, availability and global conditions. For example, out of season flowers will be more expensive as they will have to be imported or if you’ve seen a photographer you love on Instagram but they live 500 miles away there’s going to be extra costs involved for travel and accommodation for them. Even the rise in fuel costs can impact the cost of car hire..

Decide on and prioritise your non-negotiables and what are luxury extras you’d love if the budget permits and go with that. This way you will be doing your day, your way, in line with your budget and that makes for a much more stress free wedding and marriage.

Much love,
Tabby & Keri

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