The Life Cycle of a Wedding Couple

We often think of engagements and weddings as separate events. Exciting, albeit different and individual events.

When we focus on them as separate events that can inevitably lead to moments of sadness or a feeling of loss when the event has passed and it can contribute to additional stress and pressure.

As wedding professionals we have had many couples feel a sense of loss once their wedding day is over, not knowing how to direct their energy and excitement once the planning is finished.

At Weddings on the Mind we want to change the mindset around this slightly and instead of focussing on the individual, focus on the whole.

I can hear you… “what on earth is she on about?” so, let me elaborate!

Remember in primary school when you learned about the life cycle of  a butterfly? You know, eggs – caterpillar – chrysalis – butterfly. Sound familiar? Well, let’s think of our couple with a similar concept and look at the life cycle of a wedding couple.

The four stages a wedding couple go through are:

  • Becoming  a couple
  • The engagement
  • The wedding
  • The Marriage

Why do we think this mindset is important? Well, it helps manage stress and anxiety, it helps create a flow between events, it means no single event is more important than another and it means there is always something to look forward to when a single event has passed.

A lot of emphasis is placed on a wedding day, and yes, it is potentially the most magical and exciting day of  a couple’s life, but let’s remember couples shouldn’t be getting married just for the wedding day – a wedding needs to be about the marriage not just the day itself.

If we think about wedding days in a wider context of this life cycle of a wedding couple then a huge amount of pressure is released off individual events and there is always something to look forward to.

This has a positive effect on wellbeing and emotional fitness levels and consequently the whole process becomes much more enjoyable for everyone involved, especially the couple themselves who can focus purely on their life, experiences and adventures together.

At Weddings on the Mind we are all for anything that lifts the stress and pressure and that’s why we think this little mindset shift is a goodie!

Much Love

Tabby xxx

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