7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coach

  • A wedding coach will focus on you, your wellbeing and managing stress and anxiety levels during the wedding planning process.
  • Booking a few hours of time with a wedding coach can help you gain clarity and be more productive whilst being more cost effective than a full wedding planning service.
  • A wedding coach will guide you towards your own decisions, helping you brainstorm and collaborate on ideas and strategies.
  • A wedding coach will help you achieve your dreams and goals whilst working within your budget.
  • A coach will help you develop emotional fitness and communicative skills which will help you manage your wedding planning and you can utilise in other areas of your life.
  • A wedding coach will be objective and allow you space to talk through anything without judgement.
  • A wedding coach will help you develop a toolkit of wellbeing and performance tools to act as protective measures for your mental health.

Have you considered hiring a Wedding Coach?

What’s that? I hear you say? Well, it is a thing and it’s becoming increasingly popular with wedding couples and professionals.

Whilst weddings are one of the most exciting events in someone’s life, they also bring a lot of stress. This stress, if not managed can lead to a negative impact on our mental health.

A Wedding Coach is a little different to a wedding planner. We will always advocate for you using the services of professionals when possible as they are amazing and can really relieve your wedding planning workload, but sometimes the budget doesn’t stretch that far or we want to be 100% in control of what we’re doing – though we still could do with a little support.

A Wedding Coach will be that person for you. There to listen, support and guide, non-judgementally and help you create your most magical wedding whilst focussing on your wellbeing and mental health.

Likewise for wedding professionals, the wedding industry is extremely volatile and pressurised and we need to focus on our wellbeing and emotional fitness, so a few hours with a Wedding Coach could really help you gain clarity and prioritse yourself to lead to more productivity.

A Wedding Coach will help you move from that place of stress and anxiety to one of calm and control.

Weddings on the Mind coaches Tabby Kerwin and Keri Louise Graham have moved their focus from planning to coaching so they could prioritise the wellbeing and mental health of couples and colleagues during the wedding planning journey. They utilise Tabby’s experience as a positive psychologist and performance coach as well as the skills as a certified mental health and suicide prevention trainer and their combined years of wedding planning experience – nearly 30 years between them! Find out more aboutthe Weddings on the Mind coaching services, which start from £69 per session, by emailing modeforenquiry@gmail.com to arrange a free 15-minute call. Check out further details of our coaching on the Wedding Coaching Page too.

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