The Christmas/Wedding Planning balance!

We all know that all thoughts in December are based around Christmas (if you celebrate it), meaning wedding planning can take a back seat. This is totally ok!

Sometimes it can be healthy and actually productive to take time off wedding planning. We know this sounds weird but giving time and space away from wedding planning can sometimes helps new ideas flow, give you time to rest and encourage excitement towards your wedding day.

Dedicating December to have that break is a great idea and very common for most couples who are planning a wedding…..that’s as long as you not getting married in December or January! Let’s be honest, wedding planning and Christmas planning is probably too much for anyone!

January gives everyone a fresh start and gets your motivation for wedding planning going again. Whether you’re getting married in that year, the next year or further ahead…January is the perfect time to get knuckled down and get some solid wedding plans in place! It’s also one of the quietest time for suppliers so you’re more likely to get their full attention and focus, meaning you can get plans sorted quicker! Winner!

That all might seem a lot to deal with come January and we won’t lie, it is! Planning a wedding is a big thing! But our Wedding Coaching sessions can help you make sense of those plans and tasks, give you guidance and assistance in your wedding planning all whilst focusing on keeping your wellbeing and mindset on top form.

We’re delighted that our January diary is now OPEN for coaching sessions. Contact us at to get booked in.

You can find out more about our coaching sessions here

Lots of love
Keri x

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