Rain….on your wedding day!

In the lyrics of Desperate Measures, let’s chat about ‘Rain……on your wedding day!’

In the UK currently, we are experiencing lots of storms, most currently Storm Dudley and Storm Euince. Which has got us thinking about rain! It’s lovely to listen to when you’re sat indoors, cosy with a blanket by the fire but it’s pretty miserable if you’re out in it. And one thing every Bride & Groom really wishes they don’t have for their wedding day is rain!

But let’s be honest, every minute detail of a wedding can be planned to perfection. Pretty much everything can be controlled….that is of course, except the weather!

If it’s going to rain, it’s going to rain and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! Apart from, be prepared both in your mindset and practically.

Have your mindset ready for rain, then if it doesn’t and you get glorious sunshine..win! But if the worst happens and you do get rain (or snow, or a hurricane…..I won’t go on!), you won’t be upset or disappointed. This probably isn’t the most positive way of thinking, but it will prepare your mind for rain….but please, don’t manifest it!!

Here’s some practical things you can have ready in case of rain;

– Have umbrellas to hand (they make great photographs by the way!!)
– Have some ‘wedding wellies’ so you don’t get your shoes wet or muddy
– Make sure you’ve chosen a venue with an inside option. Don’t book an outside venue with no indoor options because if it’s rains, you’re getting wet!
– Waterproof make up!

And did you know…rain on your wedding day is actually good luck!

Love Keri xx

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