It’s so overwhelming.

I don’t know where to start.

Everyone has an opinion about how our wedding should be.

I just want to elope and leave everyone behind.

I’m not even looking forward to my wedding anymore.

I don’t want my family there.

I’m scared of everyone looking at me and being the centre of attention.

Do any of these statements ring true with you?

These are real statements we’ve hear regularly from brides and grooms who are trying to plan their weddings and we find it heart-breaking that anyone should feel this way (though, we do like the sound and idea of a romantic elopement – take a look at our Sentire by Mode for… service for our relaxed and exclusive boutique experiences, weddings & events in Italy that entice all the senses!)

Planning a wedding should be something that brings joy and happiness; where you can enjoy the process as much as the end result. The wedding is the opening ceremony of the rest of your marriage and that’s amazing and exciting. It’s not just the closing ceremony of your engagement and wedding planning era. The whole planning process should be filled with fun, happiness, inspiration, creativity and discovery and an opportunity for you to become closer as a couple. But we know it’s sometimes so hard to overcome the ‘overwhelm.’ We’ve lived that reality too!

Feeling overwhelmed can happen to any of us; it’s an emotion that can very easily take a grasp of us and invite its friends, anxiety, misery and even sometimes depression to the party. So, remember you’re the host of both parties… the one in your head with all your emotions and your wedding itself. Did you watch that movie Inside Out? You need to choose to override overwhelm in favour of more comfortable emotions.

Like any emotion though, try not to suppress it – you need to feel it. Instead, acknowledge and embrace these feelings. Let them wash over you, learn what you can, use any useful lessons or ideas the emotions bring up for you and then move on stronger for having felt and acknowledged them. But always remember the most important thing; this wedding is about you and your partner.

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Love Keri x

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